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Neha Patel
Composer and Sound Designer


Audio Work


Lost Your Marbles


Sweet Baby Inc

Music, Sound Design

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Mini Maker


Studio Casa Rara
Music, Sound Design,Unity Integration




Visai Games
Sound Design, Implementation




Pamplemousse Games
Music, Sound Design, Implementation

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Sound Design Reel


Sound Design Reel


Eidolon: Music From Final Fantasy 9 

Rag Jesters
Arranger, Pianist

EPOCH: A Tribute to Chrono Trigger 

Yearnings of the Wind
Arranger, Mixing Engineer

Chocobo on Thanksgiving Dinner

Arranger, Mixing Engineer


Personal Projects

Victoria's Secret (2020)

Made in Unity with Wwise integration in 8 weeks during the Pixelles Game Incubator program. 

Queen Victoria and her fellow countrymen have stolen a whole bunch of gold from your land. Now is your time to shine and claim it back! But be careful, Queen Victoria won't let you get away that easily...

Brother: A Tale of Two Sons Rescore (2019)




Personal Projects

Talks & Interviews

Neha is a composer and sound designer working with numerous indie games. She specializes in emotional, powerful and nostalgic music, written in a wide variety of genres. She is able to mold her music in a way to cater to a wide variety of projects. Neha has a love for the indie game scene and strives to work with healthy teams with strong creative visions. 

As a self-taught sound designer and technical implementer, Neha seeks to create a unique soundscape for every game. She strongly believes that excellent audio is not only heard, but rather felt. 

Neha is trained in classical piano and did her undergraduate at McGill University, graduating in 2018. During her studies, she was awarded a scholarship by the Game Audio Network Guild to attend GDC 2018. Since, she has travelled and spoken at numerous events including PAX East,MagFest,Game Devs of Colour and more.   

Interested in collaborating on your next awesome game? Do you want to discuss your favorite soundtracks? Or...do you have the next mind blowing pun? Then let's chat! 


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