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Neha Patel
Composer + Sound Designer

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I'm Neha, I work with indie teams specializing in writing memorable nostalgic music and emotional sound design. I also speak at various events, discussing the financial aspects of game audio, sustainability and the realities of a freelance career.
Most importantly: I am an avid plushie lover and a self-proclaimed child prodigy at Crash Team Racing

Check out my work down below!

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MiniMaker: Make A Thing

Composer, Sound Designer, Unity Integration
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Sound Design, Wwise Integration
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Composer, Sound Designer, Wwise Integration
Buy the single on Bandcamp!
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Lost Your Marbles (Playdate)

Composer, Sound Designer, Wwise Integration
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Additional Sound Design

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Personal Projects

Victoria's Secret

A game made in 8 weeks during the Pixelles Game Incubator program.  No previous coding experience, made in in Unity and Wwise

Try the game here!


Chocobo on Thanksgiving Dinner

A morbid string quartet arrangement of our favorite bird. Why not change it up this year and have Chocobo on Thanksgiving Dinner? Arranger and Sound Engineer

Buy the track here!
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Sound Design

Dynamic Music Implementation (Wwise)


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Mini Maker

Buy the OST here!
Listen on Spotify

Lost Your Marbles

Buy the OST here!
Listen on Spotify

Spleen Ouverture

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Listen here!

Speaking and Mentorship



  • Bandcamp
  • Spotify
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
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